Protect Your Precious Glasses: A Darkly Humorous Guide to Silicone Sleeves, Rubber Bumpers, and Stemware Guards

This article is for the not so etiquette family. In fact, it is more for people like myself, my husband & our family & friends who each resemble a character from Shameless, it’s scary!

My daughter is the female version of Lip, my husband is Kev, I am a mixture of Fiona and Veronica, and our sweet baby boy is similar to Liam.  But on a night of comrade, we all have a little more Frank in us than we would care to admit. But fear not, my fellow Franks or clumsy comrades, for we have the solution to your glass-shattering woes! Enter the world of silicone sleeves, rubber bumpers, and stemware guards – your trusty allies in the battle against broken glassware.

Silicone Sleeves:

Slinging around or simply falling asleep with your drink in hand, when suddenly it slips from your grasp & hurtles towards the ground! Or karate kicking it off the table because you all of a sudden loose your balance on your stool! Thanks to the magical powers of silicone sleeves, your glass bounces harmlessly off the ground, barely leaving a scratch and is saved for another drink! These flexible marvels snugly wrap around your glasses, providing a cushy layer of protection against the perils of gravity.


– Cushions your glass against falls and knocks, reducing the risk of breakage.

– Comes in a variety of colors and patterns, adding a touch of whimsy to your drinkware.

– Easy to clean – simply remove, rinse, and reapply.


– May slightly alter the grip and feel of your glass, which could take some getting used to.

– Not suitable for use with hot beverages, as silicone can retain heat and potentially cause burns.

Rubber Bumpers:

If you have ever watched Shameless – Rubber Bumpers is not a metaphor for that! Rubber Bumpers are exactly what the name implies.

Amid uproarious laughter or an unexpected visit from Hurricane Monica, a careless elbow sends a glass flying off the table. But fear not! Thanks to the humble rubber bumper, your glass lands softly on the ground, as if gently cradled by the hands of fate.


– Adheres securely to the bottom of your glass, providing a stable base and reducing the risk of tipping over.

– Easy to apply – simply peel and stick.

– Adds a quirky flair to your glassware, like little shoes for your cups and tumblers.


– May leave adhesive residue on your glass, requiring thorough cleaning to remove.

– Not as effective at cushioning against falls from greater heights compared to silicone sleeves.

Stemware Guards:

I included the Stemware Guards for those of you that can actually afford bottles of wine & have beautiful & elegant wine glasses – because here we drink wine out a box or in plastic cups.

I just hope my mischievous puppy Trinity won’t dash under your legs or up on your lap, causing your wine glass to teeter precariously on the edge of the table. No worries, with the help of a stemware guard, your glass remains steadfast, its delicate stem safely ensconced in a protective embrace.


– Specifically designed for stemmed glassware, providing stability and preventing tipping over.

– Lightweight and discreet, preserving the elegance of your wine glasses without sacrificing safety.

– Easy to remove and reuse, making them perfect for special occasions or everyday use.


– May not be suitable for use with all types of stemmed glassware, depending on the size and shape of the stems.

– Can interfere with the aesthetic appeal of your wine glasses, especially for those who prefer a minimalist look.

In conclusion, whether you’re prone to epic battles with your drinking glasses or just enjoy a good laugh at life’s little mishaps, silicone sleeves, rubber bumpers, and stemware guards are here to help when your inner Frank appears. So go forth, my clumsy comrades, and drink with reckless abandon – for your glasses are now protected by the forces of silicone, rubber, and sheer ingenuity. Cheers to that!

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